Oncology Drugs

Oxaliplatin Injection

Product Details:
  • Dose: 50 mg/ 10 ml
  • Drug Strength: 20 ml
  • Form of Medicine: Injection
  • Injectable Form: Liquid
  • Packaging Size: 10 ml, 20 ml
  • Packaging Type: Bottle
  • Product Type: Finished Product
  • Usage: Clinical, Hospital

Oxitan contains Oxaliplatin which is a cytotoxic drug generally classified as alkylating agent.


Oxitan is used in the treatment of Metastatic Colon or Rectal Cancer. Oxitan is also may be used for the treatment of late stage Ovarian Cancer.

Dosage :- 100mg/20ml, 50mg/10ml


Oxitan is a prescription drug and should be used under proper medical guidance and advice.

Docetere 20 (0.5 ML)

Product Details:
  • Dosage Form (If Applicable): Injection
  • Dose: 2 mg
  • Packaging Size: 2 ml
  • Packaging Type: Bottle
  • Product Type: API
  • Usage: Clinical, Hospital

We offer wide range of Docetere 20 (0.5 ml), which we produce as per the industry guidelines and so, we ensure about its effectiveness. Moreover, this medicine is found to be highly effective in Breast & non-small cell lung cancer. Also, this medicine is offered in 0.5 ml injection form and can be availed by our clients in customized packaging at very reasonable rates.

  • Drug Name: Docetere 20
  • Quantity: 0.5 ml
  • Indication: Breast & non-small cell Lung Cancer

Arimidex 1MG Anastrazole

Product Details:
  • Application: Clinical, Hospital
  • Dose/Strength: 1mg
  • Indication: Treatment of Breast Cancer
  • Material: Anastrazole
  • Packaging Size: 1 mg x 28
  • Packaging Type: Sachet

Arimidex is a powerful anti-estrogen medication more aptly labelled an aromatase inhibitor (AI) originally developed to treat breast cancer.

Docetax 120

We are engaged in offering Docetax 120, which mainly comprises of Docetax, a type of mitotic inhibitor. Additionally, these drugs are found to be effective in breast cancer, stomach cancer, prostate cancer, and certain types of head and neck cancer. Further, these medicines are offered as intravenous injections of 120 mg. We offer these drugs at very reasonable prices to our esteemed clients.

Drug Name: Docetax 120

Quantity: 120mg

Indication:   Breast Cancer, Stomach Cancer, Prostate Cancer, and certain types of head and neck cancer

Docetere 80 ( 2 ml )

Product Details:
  • Dose: 1mg/ml
  • Form of Medicine: Injection
  • Packaging Size: 2 ml
  • Packaging Type: Bottle
  • Usage: Clinical, Hospital
  • Grade: Medicine grade
  • Drug Name: Docetere 80
  • Indication: Treatment of Cancer

We are offering a comprehensive range of Docetere 80 as a intravenous injection of 2 ml. The drug is found effective in certain number of cancers. Moreover, these drugs are manufactured under the supervision of experts in compliance to international standards of quality. Also, these drugs can be availed in customized packaging by our clients at highly cost effective prices.

  • Drug Name: Docetere 80
  • Quantity: 80mg/ 2ml injection
  • Indication: Treatment of Cancer

Ixempra ( 15 Mg )

Product Details:
  • Application: Treat advanced Breast Cancer
  • Packaging Size: 15mg or 45mg
  • Usage: Clinical, Hospital
  • Drug name: Ixempra
  • Composition: Ixabepilone
  • Form: Injection

We are a leading exporter and supplier of IXEMPRA, which is formulated best ingredients. However, it is highly appreciated by our valuable customers due to its special properties and characterizes. It is used for various treatments and thus is supplied as a sterile, non-pyrogenic single-use vial providing 15 mg or 45 mg ixabepilone as a lyophilized white powder. This drug is widely used to treat advanced breast cancer. Additionally, it is highly advisable not to consume by pregnant ladies. It is known among clients for its purity, accurate composition and effectiveness.

Note: It is highly advisable not to consume by pregnant ladies.

Votrient (400 MG) - Pazopanib

Product Details:
  • Packaging Size: 400 mg
  • Packaging Type: Sachet
  • Usage: Clinical, Hospital
  • No of tablet: 30
  • Composition: Pazopanib
  • Drug Name: Votrient

Our organization is offering Votrient which is available with an active component Pazopanib that helps in preventing from renal cell carcunoma and very potent selective multi-targeted receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor of VEGFR-1, VEGFR-2 AND VEGFR-3 that blocks the tumour growth and inhibits angiogenesis. These products are available in international standard of packaging and with a very cost-effective range.

Side Effects: Votrient has some side effects that include Diarrhea, hair loss, headache, indigestion, lightening of hair colour, loss of appetite, nausea, stomach pain, taste changes.

Oncology Drugs

Product Details:
  • Application: Clinical, Hospital
  • Brand: 100 mg
  • Category: Breast Cancer
  • Dosage Form: Inhalation, Oral
  • Dose: 100 mg, 200 mg, 500 mg, 1000 mg
  • Dose Strength (Mg): 100 mg
  • Type: Allopathic

Our company has emerged as one of the leading traders and distributors of quality innovator oncology & specialized products. Our business partners are all the multinational companies in India, who are producing the products. We focus on main areas including Oncology, Hepatitis, Multiple Sclerosis, HIV, AIDS and Immune Suppressants.

Following are the leading brands we deal with:

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